In order to keep the game fresh for players, WoW Classic will make a series of changes, and these changes will eventually change the gameplay of the game, and improve the quality of life of players who want to experience WoW Classic faster.

In the Season of Mastery, increasing the amount of experience players gain upon leveling up to level 60 is the biggest change in WoW Classic's mechanics. In addition, players can also achieve through the method of TBC Classic Gold obtaining equipment. Compared to the original version of WoW and WoW Classic, it enables earlier access to leveling gear such as prison and prestige items in later game instances.

At the end of WoW's original release cycle, during the release of the Season of Mastery, changes made to reputation vendors as well as some boss loot will be added.

Initially, these changes were added to the game to allow players to catch up to the final stages of the game. But since players get to the end game faster in the Season of Mastery, it makes more sense to implement these tweaks from the start.

In addition to the upgrade process, previously "timegated" premium content is available at the start of the Season of Mastery. At the start of the new season, players will have access to Blizzard's newly crafted Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold the Dire Maul dungeon, level 50 class quests, as well as all three Classic PvP battlegrounds.

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