Known because the number one antagonist from World of Warcraft’s 2nd expansion, Arthas Menethil modified into WOW Classic Items one of the most powerful and evil beings that Azeroth ought to ever come to recognise. Trained as a holy warrior via Uther the Lightbringer, Menethil changed into set to be the subsequent king of Lordaeron until he was corrupted by way of manner of the Burning Legion.

Sent thru his father to investigate a disease which end up killing the living and raising them due to the fact the undead, Arthas ended up encountering the demon spreading the sicknesses referred to as Mal’Ganis. After dropping a whole agreement to the ailment, he ventured to the frozen continent of Northrend in search of the demon’s head – handiest to find his own quit.

Corrupted via an ancient sword called Frostmourne, Arthas became the leader of the undead military Mal’Ganis modified into working to create due to the fear of losing his very very own human beings. After slaying Mal’Ganis with Frostmourne, Arthas would go lower back to Lordaeron months later to kill his own father in the course of his homecoming and leave his state to die — continuing on to lead the undead army he had fought so tough to shop from the start.