Amazon successfully launched MMO New World, which became one of the games played at the same time in Steam history. However, now discovering how difficult it is to retain this type of player, and New World is losing players at an alarming rate. Currently New World seems to have reduced its 1 million player base by about half. According to Forbes, an analysis of freely available data on SteamCharts shows that since its launch at the end of September, MMOs have lost approximately 135,000 players every week.

For most games, such a decline will not be a problem, but for MMOs whose entire purpose is to maintain the player base for a long period of time, New World drops to nearly one-third of the peak after the first month. One is a bit worrying, and understands that players feel that the process of collecting New World Coins is too cumbersome. Amazon stated that measures must be taken to retain players.

Many players say that at lower levels, they feel that the game is too boring, so that they are exhausted before reaching the highest level or the final game. At higher levels, there are many errors that affect PvP warfare, and there is a lack of meaningful PvE endgames. And in many ways, as the player's level increases, grinding will only get worse, especially in production. At the same time, some players indicated that they are not willing to buy Amazon New World Coins online.

Another underestimated problem with New World is its complete lack of story and world building. New World has almost no story. Every area is copied and pasted last. As a new IP, nothing has been done to build its world or any of its characters. Now, the New World scrambles to fix the game’s destructive bugs every few days, but players will leave during this period. I still think the release of the game is a success, but it cannot continue to lose players at this rate.