The blood elves may be designed to WoW cataclysm Gold be the easiest one of two race types to begin with, as the town of the faction seems to provide a myriad of quests for new players within easy reach of one other. This shouldn't be an unexpected thing for an Horde race that is likely to become very popular, in part because the Horde isn't known for having beautiful female characters (there is no doubt about it) in part because of the blood elves' strong innate abilities. Along with having a +5 bonus to resistance to magic and +15 to the amazing trade ability Blood elf characters are equipped with their own "mana tap" ability that siphons off a small portion of its magic powers of its target, and "arcane torrent" that can silence near enemies for a period of 2 seconds in an extremely short distance. Both capabilities will likely prove effective in competitive battles against enemies who cast spells with noninstantaneous casting time. The ability to silence arcane torrent is likely to create blood elf paladins, the race's sole combat class that is front-line dangerous if they be within the range of enemy magical-users.Both races are likely to provide players with new experiences, however we think the blood elves are much more terrifying from the beginning when playing competitively. We'll provide more details about zones of high-level competition and the two races, as our current Burning Crusade beta continues. The expansion is according to Blizzard set to be released later in the year. Keep an eye on P2Pah for information.

Blizzard announces the possibility of adding new games to its catalog

Who was present: This Gamescom 2011 press conference was attended by Blizzard Senior Game Designer Jonny Ebbert Game director Tom Chilton, art director Chris Robinson, lead designer Josh Mosqueira, game director Jay Wilson, and senior vice president Frank Pearce. The group also spoke about the latest additions by Blizzard to WoW Cataclysm Classic, Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm and the forthcoming WoW Cataclysm Classic patch v3.4.

The road to hell increased in speed.

What they discussed: Wilson kicked off the discussion by declaring his announcement that WoW Cataclysm Classic will include an entirely new difficulty mode called Inferno which will take over Hell as the most difficult game mode. Inferno was designed in order to test players of level 60 (the highest level of WoW Cataclysm Classic) by putting them up against level 61 opponents. It also "flattens the game," as Wilson described it, by making everything--specifically all the difficulty-restricted loot--available for your character to find.

All this new and shiny equipment won't be just recycled items of low-level also. Wilson said his design group has been hard at work to come up with new artwork for all of the Nightmare, Hell,  buy Cataclysm Classic Gold and Inferno-level equipment. The higher difficulty settings will also make enemies harder to defeat and "more exciting." In addition, enemies with higher levels be more healthy and can suffer greater damage. This increases the level of aggression they have. The more aggressive enemies are constantly looking for ways to kill players, and may even use the new monster abilities that are unique for these types of play.