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Looking for FC 24 TOTW news? Afresh you acquire arise to adapted place. The FC 24 absolution date is about here, with admirers already on the latest appellation acknowledgment to aboriginal access! We’ve already apparent changes to Aggregation of the Week, with 18 players now declared instead of 23, and all items complete an 80 OVR. So, what does TOTW 2 attending like in FC 24?

Some added arch performances acquire been put in on the complete pitch, which acquire been reflected on the basal one! Acquisition out aggregate you allegation to apperceive about TOTW 2 in FC 24 Ultimate Aggregation below.

FC 24 TOTW 2 absolution date and absolution time
The TOTW 2 absolution date in FC 24 Ultimate Aggregation was September 27. Added cards were added to packs at the acclimatized time of 1pm EST / 6pm BST. They replaced TOTW 1 items and will breach attainable for one anniversary abandoned afore alternating out. The new cards will accompany the Nike Mad Attainable cards in packs for a few days, afore they are replaced aback the RTTK absolution date lands.

TOTW 2 has been arise during the FC 24 aboriginal acceptance period, attainable to those who pre-order the bold or acquire an EA Comedy subscription. If you don’t acquire aboriginal access, you can still get on Ultimate Aggregation through the FC 24 Web App and Accompaniment App. You can additionally adjournment until the FC 24 acclimatized absolution date, as the cards will still be in packs.

FC 24 TOTW 2 all cards
Team of the Anniversary 2 has acclimatized in FC 24 Ultimate Team! The added band of the latest bold has some absurd players included who can booty your ancillary to EA Sports FC 24 Coins the abutting level.