New World is simply too hooked in to Players Not Finding Exploits and eager to Interact With one another
It doesn't matter what quantity you test and polish a game. Once it's move into the wild, you'll be able to bet that gamers will find a way to play it that you simply didn't fully anticipate. this may almost certainly be the case with New World at launch, and we're already seeing instances of “unintended” player behavior within the game's early access periods.
That seems to be an even bigger New World Coins problem within the case of recent World, though, largely thanks to the purpose we alluded to above. in a very game that's this contingent on player interactions, it doesn't take much for somebody to ruin the fun. a touch little bit of faction imbalance, some glitch exploits, old-fashioned trolling, or maybe just diehards who wreck the ability dynamic/global market through super optimized (exploitative?) methods can easily throw a wrench into how you'd have otherwise chosen to spend it slow within the game.

New World Coins
Again, this is often true of each MMO (and most online multiplayer games) to a degree, but despite the extent of freedom this game seemingly offers, you begin to induce the sense that there's a vaguely “intended” thanks to play it which deviations from that course may result in a very suboptimal experience.

New World's PvP System may be a good distance From Being Balanced
It's obviously difficult to manage New World‘s chaos, but one thing that Amazon Game Studios can do is make sure that the core experience is as balanced as possible so as to limit the influence of probably detrimental events.
That's why New World‘s PvP balancing must be considered one amongst its biggest problems at the instant. We knew that faction balance was visiting be a continuing work-in-progress for this game, but New World‘s open beta made it clear that Amazon still hasn't quite discovered how the game's PvP scaling goes to figure and the way they're visiting possibly keep every character-building combination balanced during a “world battle” environment. It's bad enough when a WoW raid consists of the identical few classes, but in an exceedingly PvP-drive game like this, it's downright detrimental to feel forced to Buy New World Coins play a particular build just to relinquish yourself a higher chance.
Balancing an MMO could be a delicate and constant act. However, New World won't do itself any favors if it doesn't ultimately smooth a number of its biggest balancing issues previous launch.

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