In Path of Exile, trading items with other players is another matter in itself. Almost every piece of loot found by the player in the adventure can be traded. But what if they don’t know how to trade in Path of Exile?

For a novice player, the reason why Path of Exile is so cool is its complicated barter economy. The transactions in Path of Exile are carried out in a variety of POE Currency, which also double as production resources. When players sell loot to suppliers, they will also pay the players in these currencies.

Unlike other MMOs, Path of Exile does not have any type of in-game infrastructure to facilitate transactions with other players. So the only way to trade is for the player to find someone in person and start trading with them manually. In Path of Exile’s microtransaction store, players will find a hidden tag category, which provides a series of different tags suitable for various purposes. Some have special layouts for organizing artifacts, maps, or other unique types of loot that players might find.

When deciding what items to sell, players must make sure they can POE Currency Buy, otherwise it may not be worth the player's time. And in the process of trading, players need to know which items are worth selling to other players and which items are worth dumping to NPC suppliers. At the same time, they can take some simple steps to determine whether an item is valuable.