Complaints and compliments always appear at the same time. GGG has unreservedly leaked all details about POE 3.8.0 release, and the players can download the version on PC for free, with the available one launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later. On the first day of the adventure of Blight, all is new, you must have a large amount of questions to ask your teammates, why waste your time?

If you are always thinking about an issue, how to earn much POE Currency? I could tell you what I am doing, and where my currency coming from, I have a lot of failed methods based on the past experience, if you don’t have enough time, never try them one by one. Oh, there are all some efficient ones.

1. Running Maps

Buying some POE Maps at the beginning of your adventure, if not, it is harder to farm currency in POE Blight, especially for those who jumped into POE for the first time. And then running the maps is also a profitable part to farm POE Currency, which could create more instances to fight with monsters for players.

Whenever you pick up a certain number of maps, you are allowed to get some valuable currency drops, even some very rare ones. However, it is only a small part on the land, pick out the rewards you need, and sell the rest to others for extra benefit.

2. Picking Up Chests

Loot chests are the rewards you get after defeating the enemies successfully, and there are several different kinds of chests in POE. When opening them, the players can get different rewards. For example, there will be POE Currency in the artist’s Chests, and discovering available equipment in the Armor chests.

The chests can be upgraded with the Orb Points, if you want more advanced goods, never be embarrassed. The higher your chest level, the more items you can open. More added, some very rare orbs, such as Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs, are hard to obtain in the chests.

3. Delving Farm

Farming is one of the most common methods to get POE Currency, which could give you more and better opportunities to get the rare items. When you have enough delving experience, go down to reach deeper levels to more encounters.

There, earn as many valuable resources as possible, such as fragile walls, along with the fossils, sell them all to bring you wealth.

4. Trading with Others

You can buy some POE Items from others’ store, instead, you can also sell some of your unnecessaries to others in exchange for POE Currency, before that, what you need to be concerned about those two:

Is the seller reliable?

At present, quite a few scammers are cheating on POE 3.8.0 Currency trade. In order to ensure the goods you purchase are safe enough, never trust the strangers who contact you actively, especially not to leak any of your personal information.

Pay attention to market trends

The market of POE Currency trade is always dynamic, whether it is selling goods or purchasing, pricing the goods according to the general price of the market in case of loss. If you have more time to compare prices among different stores, don’t always choose the cheapest one, especially those who are willing to sell POE 3.8.0 Currency to you with huge losses.

5. Play, Play, Play

No more efficient methods to provide to you, if you just want to get more currency through POE, play, play, play, it is the most basic and effective way to farm a large amount of POE Currency. Create a character and farm with hours, it will never let you down.

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