Pet Simulator X, the third installment in the popular Roblox Pet Simulator series, introduces players to a world of diverse biomes and exciting quests. Among these, Tech World stands out as a rewarding destination. If you're eager to explore this biome and reap its benefits, follow this detailed guide on how to get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X.

Understanding Pet Simulator X Biomes

Pet Simulator X kicks off your adventure in the Spawn World, where you collect various roblox robux for sale to unlock new worlds and biomes. Unlike other pet-based games, the series offers a unique progression system. The Tech World, Pet Simulator X Pets in particular, holds significant rewards for players, making it a sought-after destination.

Requirements to Unlock Tech World

Before venturing into Tech World, you need to meet specific criteria:

  1. Unlock Fantasy World.
  2. Accumulate 7,500,000,000 Fantasy Coins.

Getting to Tech World Step-by-Step:

Follow these steps to access Tech World in Pet Simulator X:

  1. Start from the Spawn World:

   Begin your journey in the Spawn World, the central hub of Pet Simulator X.

  1. Unlock Fantasy World:

   To unlock Tech World, you must first unlock Fantasy World using Fantasy Coins.

  1. Accumulate Fantasy Coins:

   Gather a substantial amount of Fantasy Coins, totaling 7,500,000,000.

  1. Visit the Glacier:

   Head to the Glacier located in the Spawn World.

  1. Unlock Tech Entry:

   Spend your accumulated 7,500,000,000 Fantasy Coins to unlock the Tech Entry at the Glacier.

  1. Activate Tech World Entry:

   Stand near the wall designated for Tech World and press 'E' to confirm the Fantasy Coins payment.

  1. Explore Tech World:

   Once inside, you'll encounter a giant chest with 4000 trillion health and a cannon that propels you towards Dark City.

Earning Fantasy Points Efficiently

The major challenge in reaching Tech World lies in accumulating the required Fantasy Coins. Here are some tips to quickly earn Fantasy Points in Pet Simulator X:

  1. Purchase Fantasy Coins Boosts:

   Invest in Fantasy Coins Boosts from the Exclusive Shop to earn 3x more Fantasy Coins during standard activities.

  1. Chest Grinding in Ancient Island:

   Explore the Ancient Island in the Fantasy World and grind chests for additional Fantasy Points.

  1. Enchanting Pets in Enchanted Forest:

   Enhance your pets' abilities by enchanting them in the Enchanted Forest of the Fantasy World.

  1. Golden Pets and Sumari Eggs:

   Trade Sumari Eggs with friends and aim to acquire as many Golden Pets as possible for increased Fantasy Points.


Unlocking Tech World in Pet Simulator X opens up new challenges and opportunities for players seeking a thrilling gaming experience. Follow these steps, accumulate Fantasy Coins efficiently, and embark on a rewarding adventure in the Tech World. For more Roblox-related content, explore Adopt Me codes, Little World codes, and discover how to get a translator in Bee Swarm Simulator.

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