This seems like an ambitious plan—or a limiting one, depending on graphical changes between the games. Will it really be feasible to make virtually all future Path of Exile 2 microtransactions backwards compatible with the original game? Given Grinding Gear's original plan to have Path of Exile essentially "become" Path of Exile 2, though, this approach guarantees that players won't be losing out on any cosmetics they expected to keep around. It also indicates that Grinding Gear really intends to keep both games operating side-by-side POE currency trade .

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By submitting your information you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and are aged 16 or over.I've played over 2,500 hours of Path of Exile, and these are my biggest concerns about Diablo 4

For over 15 years, at least to my mind, nothing came close to matching Diablo 2 at the top of the action RPG heap, including Diablo 3. Then, in 2017, a friend got me to give Path of Exile a shot, and my opinion finally changed. A new champion was crowned.

Diablo 3 has gotten better since its disastrous launch, but for the serious lover of the genre, PoE has been the top dog for years now. Now that Blizzard, with its kajillion dollar budget and huge built-in playerbase, is giving the genre another go with Diablo 4, has Path of Exile finally met its match? Will Diablo 4 crush all those who stand in its path, see them driven before it, and hear the lamentations of their players?

Of course not. There's no way a release-day game can compete in complexity or depth with a game like Path of Exile that's over 10 years old and adds content every three months. I think the better question to ask is whether or not Diablo 4 is going to be released in a state that's playable and enjoyable, one that'll be a strong foundation for Blizzard to build on for seasons to come.

I played the everliving hell out of both Diablo 4 beta weekends, and as a deeply enfranchised PoE player with over 2,500 hours, I think Blizzard can pull that off. To hold my attention for long, though, Diablo 4 will have to evolve in a number of ways before or after launch. Here's where I think Blizzard's return to the APRG needs work, or requires caution POE orbs for sale .