A frequent request from the World of Warcraft community is to develop a new World of Warcraft Classic server, so many people think that the new test area of the game is a sign that the new server is being developed. The raid content of the first stage of the World of Warcraft Classic is included in the current test area, and it also includes the latest update of the game to be able to purchase world-enhanced items from Chromie. Before this, the original version of World of Warcraft did not exist. . Players guess that the new test area is Blizzard's new server for World of Warcraft nostalgia to allow players to restart the adventure of Azeroth.

Blizzard currently requires players to decide whether to play in the Classic Era server or in Burning Crusade Classic, and most players seem to choose to continue to enter the Outland rather than stay in Azeroth. As a result, the current WoW Classic server has become a ghost server. However, there is still a community of players who prefer WoW Classic instead of burning classics.

Some diehard TBC Classic Gold players of the game use illegal techniques to enter the private, unofficial server to finish the game for free. Many Vanilla Warcraft fans took this approach in the years before Blizzard officially released the World of Warcraft classic. Moreover, in a recent lawsuit in California, Blizzard’s alleged culture of discriminating and harassing women in public places and the addition of microtransactions, such as upgrading and boarding Burning Crusade Classic, so many players no longer directly support Blizzard. And feel at ease.

Therefore, the new server may become a WOW TBC Gold way to win back some dedicated World of Warcraft classic players. Some will regularly release new servers, running, old MMOs, huge experience changes sometimes come with the development of these new servers, and the game becomes more interesting. Regarding the similar requirements made by WoW Classic players, it is unknown whether Blizzard will make such a radical change in the game.

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