Sega released Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis on June 9, which attracted a large number of players. When we enter this game, there are four races to choose from. The four races are Human, Newman, Deuman, and Cast.

Once you choose your race (or try one), it is time to select a class, but before you make this choice, here are some important things you need to know about classes:

There are basic classes, successor classes, subclasses, and more. You will certainly have the ability to open them throughout the video game depending upon different elements.

Each class has its level, of course, you will begin at level one.

When you get to a brand-new level you will certainly obtain a point to unlock class skills, you can do this on the skill tree, of course, using it will make you more powerful, enabling you to upgrade the power you need to different skills like weapons, photon arts or causing damage.

If you chose a class and also you are stressed that you will not have the ability to change it later on, do not experience, PSO2 permits you to make all the changes you need without losing the progress you have made on them.

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Once you reach level 20 on the basic classes you are allowed to choose a subclass and make use of its abilities on the skill tree for a buff on a weapon or DPS. Once you reach Episode 3 all classes are available from the beginning.

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Subclasses may help you, but don’t forget some specific things like the weapons or the weight will still be only one of the primary classes.

After we choose the right class and create it, we can enjoy this game.