Many people are now wearing thicker clothes as the temperatures drop. It is hard for chicks to survive the cold so chicken farmers must do a good job keeping them warm in winter. But how can you keep chickens warm during winter? Here are some tips to keep your chickens warm during winter. You can find out more about raising chickens in winter. Which machine is used to make chicken feed?

Ckickens will be kept warm in winter by increasing their food intake

Good nutrition keeps the cold away. To increase the chickens' energy, chicken farmers add fats and oils in their feed to improve their chickens' metabolic abilities. Fats are the best food for chickens to stay warm in winter. Vitamin C and brown sugar can be added to chickens to increase their tolerance to cold stress. This will also help them to resist it.

Give enough energy to chickens in winter to help them withstand the cold. Increased consumption of energy feeds like corn in the normal diet can increase chickens' resistance to cold. This will help them lay more eggs in winter.

Best bedding to keep chickens warm

Sawdust and Wood Chips

These shavings are quick drying, don't decompose fast, and they aren't expensive. Pine shavings have a pleasant, mild scent that chickens love. Cedar shavings are another type of wood shavings you can use to warm your chickens in winter. Cedar shavings have a pleasant smell that will make your chicken coop smell wonderful. Fine shavings should be avoided as they can cause dusty skin and irritation to the chickens. Avoid cedar shavings as the oil contained in the sedative could be toxic to chickens.

Straw And Hay

Straw and Hay are great bedding options to keep your chickens warm during winter. They are highly insulated so your coop will be warmer in the winter. These coops can also be used as thick bedding, which is ideal for providing heat during cold seasons.