Neon Fields would not even be the best cyberpunk-themed December release to by accident cause seizures. Cyberpunk 2077's "braindance" sequences were broadly reported to Rocket League Prices motive epileptic episodes, emulating a sample of lighting fixtures utilized by medical doctors to deliberately set off seizures. Those could later be smoothed out in a hotfix—but like Rocket League, the damage has already been executed, stressing the importance of testing for triggering effects before launch.

As part of a partnership with the NFL for Super Bowl LV, Rocket League is finally getting the alternative kind of soccer: the rectangular American one that is for throwing, no longer kicking. (But also for kicking.)

The mode is referred to as The Gridiron, and could appear on February 2 and stick around until February 8. It's not just everyday car soccer with an American soccer in play, the way Snow Day replaces the soccer ball with a percent—it is actually an interpretation of the regulations of American Football. It's some distance from a one-to-one translation, however it must be interesting.