Path Of Exile, like football, is often a game of two halves—its lengthy main story campaign and its particular sprawling, non-linear Atlas Of Worlds endgame. I'd probably watch more football when the first half involved deicide using a massive scale along with the latter would be a dimension-hopping try to Buy POE Currency find loot and glory, but I digress: the biggest thing is that Path Of Exile's latter half arrives for a shake-up, and Grinding Gear Games try and deliver by investing in the free Siege in the Atlas expansion, landing on February 4th.

Path of Exile's Atlas Of Worlds is often a multidimensional nexus where as much as possible can and will happen. In gameplay terms, it's really a second campaign, less structured as opposed to first, but throwing the many content in the main game (plus a sack of the latest stuff besides) into your mix for nigh-endless replayability. First introduced in 2016, it's got seen three major expansions since, each making use of their own story arc plus a slab of recent content. Siege with the Atlas may be the fourth, and one in the biggest shake-ups mechanically.

One with the big things defining Path Of Exile is its quarterly 'challenge leagues'. Every 90 days, a brand new side-story or gameplay modifier is thrown to the mix to assist freshen up the experience of in the main story for first time characters. While a couple in the oldest and least popular leagues have recently been retired, the majority are still playable from the Atlas. A major focus with this expansion is enabling you to create your own endgame experience by permitting you to pick and mix past league content into your Atlas when you progress.

While PoE's main story has stayed largely static (balance tweaks aside) since 2017, the Atlas is really a much livelier place, dealing with several story arcs, each introducing new extradimensional villains to get rid of up and POE Currency loot. Siege in the Atlas introduces two more, each one of these set on devouring most of existence.

The Searing Exarch is fire-themed, thinking about burning reality to some crisp, as well as the Eater Of Worlds is surely an all-consuming Cthuloid sort that prefers its universes rare. Each one boasts a similarly themed second-in-command you will have to take down which causes the area think of challenging the most significant boss.

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