For loyal players of New World, the Azoth Staff is one of the most important tools for closing damage loopholes as well as accessing your specific expeditions. Azoth Staff can be used when the player reaches level 12. So how do you create an Azoth Staff?

First you need to open the "The Old Man Who Cried Corruption" quest in-game. First you need to go to a rural town southeast of Monarch's Bluffs, find an old man named "Yonas The Hermit" on New World Coins the pier of the river there, he will give them some pieces of the staff.

Then follow Yonas' directions to the location where the staff can provide electricity, which is on The Shattered Obelisk in Valle Tempus at the bottom of Everfall. Players can choose to run all the way there, or take a quick journey to a hotel not far north. When you reach the site, you will see a huge monument with light above and floating rocks around it.

Finally enter the ancient coffin at the back of the room. A blue flame will appear on the floor and you will see the "Create The Azoth Staff" prompt. Press the button to end the quest. Finally, go back to Buy New World Coins the dock again to get a reward from Yonas. In this quest from Yonas, you'll get a Level 23 Weapon Box, 3,540 XP, 79.50 Gold, and 120 Azoth.

In MMO New World, players need to battle the corruption that plagues the world with constant fish, and the Azoth Staff is just one important tool. In addition, in order to win the battle, the player needs more items. Therefore, well-prepared New World Coins are a must. In NewWorldCoins, there are a lot of cheap New World Coins for sale, and buying from them is the fastest way to increase your overall strength. So, go there and try it!