There are many weapons in New World, among which the magic weapon is one of the best to use. If you want to use a magic weapon, you have three options: Fire Staff, Ice Gloves, or Life Staff, the former being one of the more powerful variants.

If you want to defeat the most powerful boss in New World, then Fire Staff is the best choice, especially Waning Crescent. So how do we get the Waning Crescent Fire Staff? Now let's introduce the method of obtaining Waning Crescent Fire Staff in the new world in detail.

How to get the Waning Crescent Fire Staff

In New World, gamers may obtain most weapons using chests found in the open planet, or even with the game's auction house. Some, like the Waning Crescent Fire Staff, will demand players to craft an item along with acquired materials, trusting the activity's frontiersman components.

To do so, you'll need to find the crafting dish on its own, which goes down when beating rare creatures as well as opening up arbitrary loot packages throughout Aeternum. That indicates it is all up to good fortune, although you may buy it from the auction house if you're short of opportunity and have loads of gold.

Materials needed to make Waning Crescent Fire Staff

  • 2 Scalecloth
  • 4 Barbvine
  • 1 Fire Crystal Core
  • 5 Asmodeum
  • 15 Glittering Ebony
  • 20 Fire Quintessence

If you want to get the Waning Crescent Fire Staff faster, then you may be able to use New World Coins to buy some of the required materials.

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