One of the most interesting aspects of Amazon Game Studio's New World has always been its large-scale PvP faction war, in which 50 players will compete with another 50 players for glory and New World Gold. Although Faction Wars is not always at its best, considering that many New World players use large-scale reporting of vulnerabilities to Buy New World Coins, Amazon has been trying to improve the way things work in many ways. First, the balance of weapons has been rebalanced, allowing the weak to perform better than before.

Weapons such as Musket and Bow also have huge ammunition economic issues in New World, which makes them inconvenient for spending New World Gold, but they are great PvP weapons in many situations. In most cases, these agile weapons perform well in small-scale battles, not in large-scale battles, because they allow the player to focus on a few targets and shoot them down first.

A Reddit user named sylphran shared a clip of their control point defending Reekwater Castle in a fierce 1v2 battle. The player ambushed the enemy and hit with a musket, quickly reducing the health of one of them to a very low level. When another opponent approached with a sword and shield, Sylphran used their rapier and dodge to narrow the gap with the injured enemy.

It is not easy to maintain or win settlements, and New World is using loopholes to allow subsidiaries to attack them to maintain control of the territory. Coupled with the declining population of New World, this makes PvP even more infuriating for those who just want to play their own New World Gold and try to conquer the territory. Nevertheless, there are many other skills that will pay off.