New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game launched by Amazon Games, but it has been bumpy so far. From economic issues to New World Gold duplication and exploitation, to players using the guild system to rob other players. However, there was an obvious robotic problem almost from the beginning, and it became very extreme.

Robots can be seen everywhere in New World, occupying resources that players may obtain. Specifically, bots are accounts created for one purpose and run by a script to make them do one thing repeatedly. Mining robots and production robots are examples, but Fishing Bot stands out. These robots occupy a lot of great fishing spots, and it is easier to Buy New World Coins than players.

The robot must fish for a long time to reach level 55. Players commented on how they got to know this robot, and one comment said that it seems to have disappeared. Hopefully, it is forbidden. Other comments talked about how difficult it is to ban robots because New World still has a large number of reporting issues and it is difficult to enforce the ban on robots.

Other players shared similar stories, and one of the logging robots reached level 40. Before the reporting system gets better, New World players are looking for creative ways to deal with New World Gold. Of course, even if these robots are dealt with, they are one of the many problems that plague New World.