A recent bug discovered in Amazon Games’ MMORPG New World caused developers to temporarily disable world transfer. The studio said that once the fix is deployed, the feature will be re-enabled. For some players, they have accepted this result. Because there have been twists and turns since New World was released.

New World community manager Luxendra posted a brief message on the New World forum to remind New World players to note that due to this error, World Transfer has been temporarily disabled. But for now, this will only affect players who have existing server transfer tokens. Other players can still Buy New World Coins as usual, including challenging tasks, collecting New World Gold and so on.

Luxendra did not provide any details about the malfunction. New World conducted a large-scale server consolidation from December 20th to 21st. Players can view the updated server list in our convenient New World server consolidation guide, including the new real-time server and the servers incorporated into it.

Reddit believes that the current error may be related to another New World Gold repetitive failure or housing system, but until everything is clear, players cannot transfer to the New World server. But once everything returns to normal, players can use the guide to transfer the New World server. Amazon Games stated that it will update players once the server transfer is available again.