The last special event in the December calendar of Path of Exile kicked off on December 31. For this incident, the difficulty of almost every region will increase. Not only will there be more enemies to solve, but they will be more difficult to activate. Wraeclast fell into madness. This is Delirium Everywhere. So players must prepare enough POE Currency.

Delirium Everywhere will be open for 10 days, starting at 3 pm Eastern Time on December 31 and ending at 3 pm on January 10th. Now there is half of the time left for players to challenge. Players who have not yet taken part can still seize the last time to get more rewards in the event. But the premise is that they need enough POE Orbs to improve their strength.

In Delirium Everywhere, almost every map in the campaign and endgame is permanently shrouded in Delirium Fog. The Delirium level range of each map is 1-100%, and the effect is the same as the standard game mode. To avoid spam-refreshing, the Delirium percentage of each area will always be the POE Currency. In addition, Mirrors of Delirium will not be generated during the event, and the Delirious map will cover the special rules of the event.

Standard, Hardcore, Standard solo self-found and Hardcore solo self-found of Delirium Everywhere are available. At the end of the event, in the parent league, the characters and items in Delirium Everywhere cannot be used. For players who want to get more rewards, they must POE Currency Buy in advance to enable themselves to deal with various situations.