In the months since New World was released, it has been tough. The popular MMORPG is full of issues that affect its community and player base. Despite these setbacks, Amazon-owned games are still one of the largest MMO games after World of Warcraft and OSRS. New World developers are going to keep their existing players and invite former players back to the game to enjoy the world of Aeternum and get New World Gold again.

In a recent desktop conversation with the game studio, the developers discussed the future of the game with their fans and assured the New World community that their feedback and criticisms have been heard and will be resolved. While discussing, the developers also announced their intention to introduce enemy modifiers in the game to make the PvE scene more unique and interesting. These enhancements will be called Mutators and will provide various effects for different creatures. When players face different challenges, Mutators will add new changes to players competing for New World Gold.

In the past few months, New World has been stuck in the first few stages of its main storyline. The last mission related to the main game line is The Tempest’s Heart, which can only be unlocked at level 60. However, those who have reached the end are already looking for the next part of the story. The game studio announced that they will end the first chapter of New World and will soon launch a new mission line to continue the story of New World. The developers also stated that they will post tasks that use trading skills, so some of these tasks will require specific levels of specific trading skills. Fortunately, as long as these tasks are completed, players will Buy New World Coins.

Developers stated that their rapid pace in launching new content has caused some problems and strong opposition from the community. At the same time, residents of Aeternum can enjoy the current Winter Convergence Festival and receive New World Gold from the event.