Players can choose the class that suits them according to their actual needs in the game. They can also buy POE Currency and add equipment for their characters. But they may not know much about some classes. Here are some content that can help players quickly understand some classes.

Juggernaut: The classic MVP tank class for players.
Berserker: A very powerful offensive class that uses passive skills such as Rite of Ruin and Aspect of Carnage to exchange health for more power.
Chieftain: Focus on fire damage and totem. This class also has life regeneration and life absorption.

Deadeye: A long-range attack class, focusing on projectiles, using bows and wands.
Raider: Focusing on improving speed and avoidance, Raider can further improve damage, speed and slip through various passives.
Pathfinder: A class centered on using more effective flasks.

Necromancer: As an excellent choice for minion-based builds, Necromancer focuses on consumption and spawning of undead corpses.
Elementalist: This class deals with all elements, and at the same time increases the power of elemental diseases, and even fights against bosses!
Occultist: A class specializing in Cold and Chaos DoT, and curses.

Inquisitor: Inquisitor focuses on enhancing elemental damage and critical strikes through passive skills such as the inevitable Judgement and Righteous Providence.
Hierophant: Hierophant uses a large mana pool to combine non-conventional damage sources with defense.
Guardian: Guardian is a versatile class that can play the role of tank, support and minion-based.

Ascendant: The unique Ascendancy allows players to choose passive from other Ascendancy classes, allowing players to create a truly unique game POE Currency.

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