According to GGG, players know that Path of Exile 2 may not be launched until 2024. Delaying for two years is nothing to laugh at. There is nothing to laugh at after delaying for two years. This is probably not a simple decision, but a natural step in real life hardships on a difficult and tortuous road. This also gives players plenty of time to buy POE Currency. GGG has also been dealing with some errors or unbalanced mechanisms in the game.

This again raises the question of why GGG does not simply slow down the production of new leagues, but releases one every three months so that each new expansion is properly tested and completed. This still does not seem to be GGG’s intention, but the developer abode by his commitment to Path of Exile 2, fixing the mistakes of its predecessor. This may indeed mean that a two-year delay is not necessarily a bad thing, because Path of Exile 2 may become a more exquisite game than it is currently. The new release window also brings several issues that companies must face.

For starters, the release of Path of Exile 2 in 2024 and the public beta in 2023 may mean that Diablo 4 may be released earlier than its competitors, which may harm the retention and interest of Path of Exile players. The 4.0 expansion of Path of Exile 2 seems to be far away. The 4.0 expansion of Path of Exile 2 seems to be in the foreseeable future, and it may happen in mid-to-late 2022. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain the love of old players for the POE Currency, and then every three Several leagues are released every month, and getting new players to join is a daunting task.

GGG spends more time to make Path of Exile 2 in order to ensure players’ gaming experience. During this period, Path of Exile may also have a lot of changes, which will be able to have more relevance in future sequels. Players need to POE Currency Buy to prepare for it.