In Path of Exile, players can choose a career according to their POE Currency. After they complete the PoE Trials of Ascendancy, they will unlock the PoE Ascendancy skill in their skill tree. Players can get Ascendancy skill points to allocate nodes that grant passive rewards. Players can find the Ascendancy skill tree on the regular passive skill tree.

But how should players choose a class? There are 7 character classes with different game styles, and each of their ascendancies are more branched in their respective niche game styles. But many players also choose to buy POE Currency to make themselves more powerful. Except for Scion only has 1 Ascendancy, the other 6 characters have 3 different Ascendancies to choose from. Here are some contents of Duelist and Shadow.

Slayer: Strong offensive players also have defensive capabilities. With passive skills such as Bane of Legends and Headsman, he became an effective boss killer.
Gladiator: The perfect combination of power, speed and defense. Gladiator may not be outstanding in one aspect, but it is a great and reliable all-rounder.
Champion: Although it has a considerable offense, Champion is excellent in defense/support.

Assassin: A fast offensive class focused on critical strikes and poison DoT.
Saboteur: Dodging and trading faster in the offense, while specializing in mines and traps.
Trickster: Combining high speed, maneuverability, and paper defense, Trickster is a high-risk and high-return profession designed for more advanced players.

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