Winter is an unforgiving season with heavy snowfall, icy temperatures, and terribly volatile blizzards. The severe weather can be particularly harsh for your outdoor Rattan Corner Sofa . If left unattended, the continuous snow and hail will chip away at the quality of your furniture pieces. In order to preserve their current condition, you should always put the patio furniture into storage during winter.

Caring for Your Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker outdoor furniture is beautiful but requires some special attention. Wicker is prone to drying out and becoming brittle over time. Even in the months when you are using it, you should cover your furniture between uses to protect it from dirt and sunlight. If wicker furniture is wet, don’t sit on it; the extra flexibility in the wet fibers can cause stretching and allow connections to loosen and unravel.

Wicker furniture can be annoying to clean because the very construction that makes it look so attractive can also collect dirt and debris. Vacuum your wicker regularly, using the nozzle and brush attachments to really get into all the grooves. When it’s time for deep cleaning, mix 2 tablespoons of ammonia in a gallon of water and use a nubby rag or soft scrub brush to reach all the crevices. Then go back over the furniture with a clean rag soaked in plain water to rinse off the ammonia. Let it air dry completely in a shaded area.

If your wicker furniture is painted, inspect the paint regularly for wear and chips. If you decide to paint or repaint your wicker to refresh its appearance, choose a paint that is specifically recommended for painting wicker outdoor furniture.

Extreme cold winter temperatures are not kind to wicker. Store it away for the cold months in a garage or storage space that will keep it dry and protected from the elements.


Most aluminum furniture has been powder coated, keeping it from rusting. Zac Bryant, the Vice President of Product Development and Merchandising at Lane Venture, a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, suggests washing aluminum and then applying a coat of automotive wax for extra protection. Touch up any scratches with car paint in the appropriate color.

Despite wrought iron furniture’s sturdy structure, it is susceptible to rust. Remove any that’s accumulated with a wire brush and then coat with an exterior spray paint designed for wrought iron, before covering with a quality tarp until spring.

wood furniture

Wooden patio furniture adds a rustic charm to any outdoor environment. However, these outdoor furniture pieces are particularly vulnerable to moisture during the winter. If they are left in the cold for too long, the wooden furniture may crack and splinter beyond repair. Merely throwing a cover over the furniture won’t suffice, since the wood can still absorb a lot of moisture from the air.

In order to protect the wood furniture, you can preserve its condition with a special sealant that has moisture-resistant characteristics. The application works just like painting. You use a brush and apply a fresh coat of sealant onto all the exposed areas. Make sure the wood furniture is adequately dry before you put them into storage.


Unlike the wicker and wood furniture, plastic furniture won’t have issues with moisture in the winter. However, the cold temperatures can make the plastic brittle enough to crack. For this reason, you should not leave the plastic furniture outdoors. Bring it into indoor storage before there is snow.

In order to save storage space, you may choose to stack the plastic patio chairs and tables on top of each other. You should be careful when stacking the furniture to avoid damaging any of the individual pieces. Once stacked, cover all the pieces underneath a large tarp before putting them into storage. This will reduce the amount of dust from accumulating on the furniture.


Designed to deter mildew, acrylic fabrics can still harbor mold if the fabric remains dirty. To avoid black spots, vacuum or shake off your cushions and umbrella at the end of the outdoor season, and keep anything stuffed with foam in a dry space for the winter. For tough stains, use a bleach/detergent mix (one cup bleach to a gallon water, with a squirt of detergent), but don’t use bleach on any cotton or printed fabrics. For those, just use soap and water.

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